2 year anniversary dating gift ideas

20-Feb-2020 01:02 by 6 Comments

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So the perfect gift for your significant other who has stood beside you for two years will be a gift that says thanks for putting up with me and I appreciate you more after two years than I did after the first year.

New linens with high thread count are cheap luxury.

A handmade traditional Amish straw hat is another great second anniversary gift for your farmer or gardener.

There are straw hats handmade by the Amish in New York on Pickens General Store.

With all the colors and patterns of sheets available selecting which sheets to get will be the biggest challenge you face.

If you want to get a unique bedroom accessory, a cotton valance to surround the bed is sexy and romantic and just might remind you of your honeymoon.

China is available at most large department stores and online, buying locally is easier, but the choices on line are so much larger and they know how to ship so there is no breakage.

New lines are available at Macys or Neiman Marcus or Wayfair while vintage sets can be found on sites like e Bay and TIAS.Staying with the bedroom theme you could get you and your special someone matching monogrammed his and her terry cloth bathrobes and pretend you just started again.Or you could go for those giant terry cloth towels that men love to wrap around their waist after they get out of the shower. Just getting time to relax is a gift in its self, but for the best outside the box second anniversary gift a two person cotton hammock can’t be beat, find two trees and tie up and relax.There are some great cotton hammocks available through DFO Home.This wins the prize as the most unique 2 Anniversary present.Read all about this unique paper on Step Forward Paper.