Sandra bullock and matthew mcconaughey dating

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Sandra bullock and matthew mcconaughey dating - dating on line for dummies

Fox didn't want her, but first-time director Jan De Bont did. "You really want to be her friend." That's what he became."Jan – he made my career," says Bullock, "because he had faith in me in his little silly bomb-on-the-bus movie that everyone laughed at.", in 1996, was meant to be a transitional movie for Bullock: Could she be taken seriously as a character actress while still carrying that bewitched audience? Showing up in a whiter-than-white (and plenty tight) tank top, flashing an equally brilliant smile, she tried to make her character into a whip-smart, city-bred brat and a gentle threat to the troubled marriage of a roosterish attorney (Mc Conaughey) and his wife (Ashley Judd).

Chestaro was reportedly seeking his commission for the film deals he helped to set up (he refused to comment)."We get to enjoy him and revel in the fact that very few people get to see this person like he is," she says."Sometimes I tell him how frustrating it is for me to be talking about [him] and people go, ' I don't really get it – he's very tense, moody.' But Jason goes, ' I save it for those I care about."April," she decrees, "you are condemned."It's not only flatulent canines who have found themselves on the wrong side of Bullock's door.Last year, the actress conducted a notorious spring housecleaning of her top advisers.Finally subduing the wanton April, Bullock fesses up: "I look back on certain choices that I made, and I wonder if I did it out of the working actor's desperation to just take anything that comes along. I'm very well aware of that, and [those films] are good reminders to look back and say, ' Don't do that.' And it's halfway out of trying to be pleasing to everybody. I'm not going to allow myself to be mediocre or anything that I am involved with to be ."Bullock, who speaks in long skeins of monologue that sometimes seem not to depend on the attentive presence of another party, abruptly frowns.

Still tan from several weeks afloat on the Caribbean during and skinnier than ever ("I just see my character in this as very gangly"), Bullock looks curiously like an Egyptian queen, with her aquiline nose, perfect cheekbones and neatly cleft chin.

Bullock sits in a plain, white office amid many similarly plain ones in the Austin, Texas, production headquarters of a movie called .

It's an intimate, character-based film in which Bullock plays Birdee Pruitt, a divorced mother who returns to her Texas hometown to make a new life.

One of the poignant things about Bullock, whose best onscreen gift may be her vulnerability, is that the ashes of that affair still seem to drift across the present.

("You have one great love in life, and I've had it," she said when the wound was still fresh.)When love was young, Bullock says, she was going through her "season in hell," careerwise.

Hope Floats won grudging support from 20th Century Fox as part of Bullock's agreement to make that I have clout," she says, "but I am being given a lot of liberties right now.

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