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Marcy proposes a few interesting answers to this questions.One argument is that transvestism of cross-dressing is a way of offering a challenge to society’s preconceptions about gender.

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Others didn’t mind the male state, but also like to put on women’s clothes occasionally. I couldn’t believe he did that, and more horrifying, he seemed to recall the story with such relish. ” No “Did you intend to be with her after you became lovers? I don’t know if he ever did, but that right there is the consequence/wickedness of the claimer’s club. Some people misinterpret niceness for flirting- before you know it, they’ve carried a big trumpet, singing to the whole world that they’ve “smashed” that. Because he took from her something he couldn’t give her.The media like to think of cross dressing as a sexual perversion, and so naturally they see the desire to cross dress and purely for sexual gratification.The problem with this theory is that when I (and many others) first felt the desire to cross dress I didn’t know what sex was.Some men cross-dress simply to make a passing social or fashion statement, and some because they have emotional needs that can only be met by the comfort that wearing women’s clothes gives them.

Yet the true reason why men cross dress remains somewhat of a mystery. They were old acquaintances, you know like a social friend; one of those people you know and chat with when you meet at events and the like. Man continued, “I know you are young and rich, but look at all these big boys that attended this party. He was single at the time, but unhappily so, and so – on that day – when he went on and on about being pressured to settle down, I listened keenly but with soft concern and slight amusement. Then he went ahead to tell me a story of a girl he too had “smashed” in the past. They had done the in-between-relationships-“do” a couple of times in the past while maintaining a cordial friendship. He scoped the lush interior of the party venue and a few of the silent-money big boys who were in attendance. I find it amusing that so many people confuse being alone with loneliness. They met again at the supermarket, where she excitedly invited him to her birthday party that weekend. that if they, being the owners of themselves cannot stand being alone with themselves – how can it not be terrifying for another to receive “all of that” (which is who they are) which they themselves cannot stand being alone with?