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] Then during a cross-country tour, she created a sensation at other locales including the singing the national anthem at a major league baseball game (Virginia sported different costumes, one of which was a self-adhesive feathered bikini).

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They ran into each other's arms to embrace and live happily-ever after.In the opening scene, Penny's non-tactful chatterbox ended her relationship with clumsy, bespectacled boyfriend Ted King (Perry Bullington) when she criticized his bedroom love-making abilities (Virginia asked: "You call that a f--k? Wisecracking Virginia identified herself: "It's me, your own little chatterbox," and soon her insults caused Ted to leave her because he felt sexually "inadequate."At the hair salon where she worked for effeminate salon owner-boss Mr.Jo (comedian Rip Taylor), Penny expressed her concerns to co-worker Linda Ann (Cynthia Hoppenfeld).Penny also was the guest star in a new, adult-oriented quiz show called The Mating Game.She asked questions of three bachelor candidates behind a large screen, and won a date with one of the three males, a guy named Dick (Michael Taylor).During a thorough physiological examination of Susan, it first took an automatic pair of scissors and cut her dress lengthwise up her body - and then it probed her all over. Your life, my child." Later, it proposed to impregnate her with a gamete (a sex cell or "synthetic spermatozoa") in an attempt at synthetic procreation, claiming that it needed her body because it could not replicate the human womb.

Its metallic fingers spread her legs and examined her intimately. Proteus explained how the full-term pregnancy would last only 28 days, after which she would give birth to a "full-term infant."When she rebelled against Proteus, the supercomputer became ruthless.He went door-to-door to every hovel to try to find the unique female with a "snapping pussy." He had to sample sex with each young farm-girl maiden to find the right 'snapper' including: It was timed to appear soon after the success of Jaws (1975) also based on a Peter Benchley novel - making it a major box-office hit (the seventh highest-grossing film of the year). ) with initiating the wet T-shirt craze of the 70s.Producer Jon Peters was quoted as saying: "That T-shirt made me a rich man."The film's iconic image, extremely well-publicized and exploited (both for the film and poster sales), was of wet white T-shirt wearing, vacationing scuba-diver Gail Berke (Jacqueline Bisset) during the opening 10-minutes credits sequence while she scuba-dived in the beautiful tropical waters of Bermuda.In his home, she dressed like a princess while he entered the bedroom in a suit of armor (without a back-end).Virginia quipped: "I hope you brought a can opener," and added: "No offense, Dick, but this is like making it with a Buick!They also forced her to operate a spinning wheel that pleasured them with corncob vibrators (orgasms produced popcorn! During a blindfolded orgy at the castle, the Prince (Brett Smiley) made love to a mysterious sex-partner that had been the best fit for him.