Unexpected reboots computer updating nic teaming

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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.The vmware-hostd management service is the main communication channel between ESX hosts and VMkernel.

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The output shows the processes that are listening, as well as the name of the process and process ID.

Checking port usage from Linux / Mac OS / ESX Note: Mac OS and certain distributions of Linux do not support listing the process name with Netstat.

If you are using Mac OS or are seeing errors on your distribution of Linux, follow the lsof instructions below.

When you determine what is listening on the port, you must decide what action needs to be taken to resolve the conflict.

This involves stopping a service or uninstalling the application that is utilizing the port.

To disable Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown: Purpose This article guides you through troubleshooting the Management Service (vmware-hostd) if it is not starting on your ESX host.

The article aims to help you eliminate the common causes for your problem by verifying the ESX host network configuration, storage configuration, and by ensuring the Management Service configuration is not corrupt.

Notes: Solution Note: Before you begin, see KB1003490 for important information on restarting the mgmt-vmware service.

Disable Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown for the ESX host through Virtual Center or a VMware Infrastructure (VI) Client that is directly connected to the host.

For more information, see How to Submit a Support Request.

When the vmware-hostd service fails to start If the vmware-hostd service fails to start, perform these troubleshooting steps: If a third party monitoring applications is using port 9080, you may see these error messages: [‘Solo’ 3076436096 info] Micro web server port: 9080 [‘App’ 3076436096 panic] Application error: Address already in use [‘App’ 3076436096 panic] Backtrace generated Disabling the services resolves the issue.

The steps will provide instructions or a link to a document, for validating the step and taking corrective action as necessary.