Updating mazda3 navigation system

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Updating mazda3 navigation system

Map Share is a free offering for our customers that provides free updates to the map that were reported and shared by other Tom Tom customers. Download and installation of your chosen items starts.

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To update your navigation system you will need a computer and your Mazda’s SD Card.

Click “Updates” Step 6: Click Install to begin map update Step 7: Create a new SD card backup.

If your Mazda comes with a navigation system, you likely know just how useful it can be when traveling in unknown areas or when taking a road trip.

One is for computers running a Windows operating system and the other is for computers running the Mac OS operating system. Before getting started with any procedures, however, you will need to download the Mazda Toolbox here.

[Read more: Use the Mazda Connect infotainment system to send audio text messages] If you run into any confusion regarding updating your Mazda navigation maps, you can contact us at Mazda of Lodi.

After inserting the memory card, Tom Tom HOME recognizes your navigation device.

Application Updates Tom Tom offers a number of downloads to enhance your navigation device.But roads change from time to time, and in order to ensure your Mazda GPS system remains accurate, we’re going to explain to you how to update the Mazda navigation maps.Read more tips and tricks There are two different procedures for doing this.When installed you can insert the memory card as documented in the manual for the card reader.Tom Tom HOME starts automatically when the memory card is seen by the computer. If Tom Tom HOME does not start, check to make sure that your card reader supports SD-HC cards.Navigation in our vehicle is a great feature and many drivers find it useful but just like our smartphones our vehicle’s navigation system has to be updated so that it has the most up to date information on our changing roadways.