C progress bar not updating

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The seek logic is similar to that use for finding external tables from the Restrict list supplied to the This feature does not suppress the use of the current working directory as the implicit location of the specified database file for direct local connections.

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As well as a long list of bug fixes, a few minor improvements have been made.has been introduced, to enable Firebird to be specifically informed that the file name or other character item being passed is in the UTF8 (UTF-8) character set.If the option is not used, the character set defaults to the codepage of the operating system. The file name received on the server is not subject to any special treatment.Tracker reference CORE-1687 Previous 64-bit Firebird server versions could not benefit from 64-bit address space and be configured for more than 2 GB (16K * 128 K)of database cache. On 64-bit Firebird, if the resources are available, it is now possible to configure cache large enough to accommodate a database of 5-10 GB completely in RAM .Although Firebird's caching can get a lot of help from the filesystem cache, it is a feature that could be important for high-throughput systems whose load is mainly reads.However, unlike older clients, the V.2.5 client may convert the file name automatically and insert the On Windows the code page used for conversions is Windows ANSI. The operating system codepage and UTF-8 may not be the best choice for file names.

For example, if you had a script or other text file for processing in Another aspect of asynchronous execution is that, at the end of API call, the attachment's activity might be cancelled or it might not. The asynchronicity also means that returned status vector will almost always return Thread A: fb_cancel_operation(isc_status, &DB, fb_cancel_enable); isc_dsql_execute_immediate(isc_status, &DB, &TR, 0, "long running statement", 3, NULL); // waits for API call to finish...This correction will impact code that called those functions on big-Endian hosts in Firebird 2.5 or 2.5.1. If this is impracticable, at least rebuild all compound indices in the databases being migrated.Databases being upgraded from older Firebird versions (ODS 11.1 and lower) or v.2.5.0 are not affected by this regression.For a stand-alone server working via the remote subsystem, trying to connect using the database file name with no path, although unlikely, is not recommended, since there is not really any way to be certain where the database would “ Tracker reference CORE-1937.When a string UDF is written to return a pointer not allocated by the same runtime as the Firebird server is accessing, the presence of the FREE_IT keyword in its declaration corrupts memory and crashes the server.Its response is to terminate any pending activity, roll back the active transaction and close the network connection. ”, where the same records are updated more than once in the same transaction.

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