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In 1998, Des ended a relationship with Samantha Failsworth, who had strung him along by claiming to be pregnant with his baby and then aborting it to hurt him. Two weeks after the wedding, Des was fatally injured while defending Tony Horrocks from drug dealers. His favourite targets were Derek and Mavis Wilton, his next door neighbours.

Suddenly there were three in the Barnes marriage and his obsession led Steph to make a point to Des by booking a skiiing holiday for one.

He first encountered Stephanie Jones when he was out drinking with two mates at the Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Des bumped into Steph, causing her to spill her drink over her dress.

Des worked as a bookie's clerk and Steph at the make-up counter at Ashcroft Department Store.

They agreed to do an equal share of the housekeeping as they both worked, although this didn't always work out and there was a competitiveness in their arguments.

He eventually contacted her to ask her to meet him at the boat.

When she showed up she found him dousing it in petrol.

A meta-analysis of 49 studies published since 1980 reveals no significant sex difference in the size or shape of the splenium of the corpus callosum, whether or not an appropriate adjustment is made for brain size using analysis of covariance or linear regression.

It is argued that a simple ratio of corpus callosum size to whole brain size is not an appropriate way to analyse the data and can create a false impression of a sex difference in the corpus callosum.

The recent studies, most of which used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), confirm the earlier findings of larger average brain size and overall corpus callosum size for males.

The widespread belief that women have a larger splenium than men and consequently think differently is untenable.

Desmond Barnes was born in Hartlepool on 24th April 1965.

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