Dreams dating younger men

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Dreams dating younger men

Brandon, the youngest of the family, prefers basketball. He holds the world record in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay and the world record in the 200-meter individual medley and the 400-meter individual medley.The Ocean is a powerful symbol – in both the physical and dream worlds.

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Dreaming of the ocean can show you areas where you are unconscious.

Your soul seeks expression and these dreams remind you to do whatever makes your heart sing.

Ocean is a feminine symbol and connects us with our divine feminine nature.

Often, ocean dreams are about bringing awareness into your life.

Water is connected with emotion and ocean dreams are about strong emotions.

Life began in the ocean – the ocean is literally the “mother” of life. Ocean dreams are also about renewal and our desire to connect with Source. A clear blue sky suggests clarity, whereas gray fog suggests sadness or depression.

To understand ocean dreams better, look at the weather conditions and the state of the water. Calm water shows peaceful emotions, while harsh waves suggest more aggressive emotions. Look at other symbols in the dream and relate them to the ocean. I have hundreds of pages filled with dreams from the past year alone (usually several a night).

It’s associated with compassion, creativity, and intuition.

Water reminds us that we are all connected – energetically and through water itself.

The car had run up against the curb and several tires were blown, the report raid.

Together: Just about all of the Lochtes are swimmers.

Parents Ileana 'Ike', center, and Steve Lochte, center left, are both swim coaches and sisters Kristin, far left, and Megan, far right, swam in college.

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