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→ Zum Blog "Echtzeit" „Pulsmesser“ – das Medizinblog: ECHO-Redakteurin Sabine Schiner bloggt über das Gesundheitswesen.Sie schaut Politikern, Ärzten und Krankenkassenvertretern auf die Finger und analysiert die Auswirkungen ihres Tuns auf Patienten, Angehörige und Mitarbeiter.

This behind-the-scenes documentary examines how these innovative performers share their passion for their craft with the world.

The short film is inspired by the 2000 AD Comics Strontium Dog stories, created by Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant.

A young boy begins to come of age when he is confronted with some hard truths about how life can be disappointing.

→ Zum Medizinblog ECHO-Redakteurin Marion Menrath schreibt über Freuden und Leiden des Gärtners, über alles, was im Garten und jenseits des Zauns an Pflanzen gedeiht oder in der Tierwelt kreucht und fleucht: über die ersten Blüten im Vorfrühling, marodierende Blattlaushorden im Mai, Tomaten, die einen Regensommer überstehen oder fallendes Laub am wilden Wein.

→ Zum Gartenblog „Querbeet“ „kth spielt“ – Das Spiele-Blog „kth spielt“ richtet sich an alle, die in ihrer Freizeit gerne Piraten und Abenteurer, Zugfahrer und Denksportler sind.

Die drei Online-Redakteure des ECHO sichten den ganzen Tag Nachrichten, erstellen Videos und Fotogalerien, binden Hintergründe ein, twittern und facebooken.

Langweilig ist das nie, viel zu viel muss unbeachtet bleiben.

Mutants, outcasts from society and despised by normal people, have to make their living as bounty hunters.

Two of these bounty hunters work to do the jobs no one else will do, to protect people who hate them.

Full of references to many popular b-movies, this film toes the line between being reverent in its inclusion of so many tropes, while also being over the top in how they’re all presented.

For questions about the Event email Karen, your Milwaukee Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call 920-791-1738.

An animated short that takes the audio of an interview with industrialist, and energy pioneer Andrea Rossi and adds puppets to create a funny romp where the interviews Tom and Doug manage to capture a portrait of this scientist while talking about seemingly nothing at all. 8,123) are white and the perfect number frames (6, 28, 496, and 8128) are red.

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    The questions on the application form ask you to provide answers about the following: What drives and motivates you to want to become a police officer; What are your expectations about the type of duties that police officers undertake; What impact do you think being a police officer will have on your social/domestic life; What preparation have you done before applying; What experience and skills do you have that will help you to be an effective police officer.

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