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In February 2009, it was announced that Sheridan would be leaving the show following her character's death, which would involve a car accident and electrical wire.

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However, Marcia Cross' maternity leave caused Bree to be absent in several episodes of the third season.

Susan tells Karl that Edie thinks he's going to propose so he does.

Susan's boyfriend, Ron, tells Edie about her and Karl's marriage and Edie is angry with them for lying to her.

Trying to catch Susan, Edie is badly stung by yellowjackets.

Susan feels guilty when Edie is hospitalized and tells her she won't give the confession to the police, sparing Edie prison.

To punish Karl and Susan, Edie decides Karl will throw her a lavish wedding and Susan will be burdened with the arrangements.

However, one morning, Edie wakes up to find Karl leaving permanently and also discovers that Karl slept with another woman while they were engaged and breaks the news to the other housewives.

Edie gets a confession letter from Susan and feels betrayed, retaliating by burning down Susan's house.

After discovering Edie burned down her house, Susan tries to get a confession whilst wearing a wire, leading to a fight when Edie realizes.

Edie refuses to accept Susan's pity and vows to get revenge.

In the show's third season, Edie declines Susan's attempts to rebuild a friendship.

Edie is extremely upset and Susan, who feels guilty about unknowingly being the "other woman", tries to make her feel better.