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I loved the freedom it gives me to dress as whatever I want."Everybody is free and sexual boundaries don’t exist. "I watched a lot of people having sex, and sometimes they made eye contact with me. "I love dressing up in outfits such as latex catsuits and latex lingerie with a robe over the top and becoming a sexier version of myself.

"I ended up accidentally going to a sex club with my ex-boyfriend on a romantic trip in Paris after we asked the taxi driver to take us somewhere a bit different. "I attended Killing Kittens in the UK this summer and fell in love with the excitement of it all."I’m bisexual so sometimes we’d meet girls who weren’t really into girls and just wanted my ex."That wouldn’t work for me, they’d have to be more into me than him.SEX clubs were once seen as seedy hangouts for sweaty old swingers but fetish clubs are changing fast. “Be careful about your boundaries and don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.” Here, five women tell GEORGETTE CULLEY about their experiences.Members’ club Killing Kittens – which organises sex parties “for the world’s sexual elite” – says 72 per cent of its 100,000 members are now women. HOSPITALITY manager Jodie Rigby had sex with a “hot” Irish rugby player in central London fetish club Le Boudoir. She says: "I joined Killing Kittens because I was curious to see what a party was like. "He introduced me to a mixed group online who had gone to sex clubs and I wanted to make sure he wasn’t just being sleazy by trying to convince me to go with him. "They told me most fetish parties are like normal nightclubs but with a twist and we decided to go as a group of 20 to London sex club Le Boudoir.“But it’s really important to do it in a conscious way. "I was petrified by some of the kinkier stuff that was going on and politely declined to join in. She lives with her partner and their children Daisy, five months, and Willow, two, in Stoke on Trent.

"But when me and the hot Irish guy found a private room, I didn’t hold back. She says: "I love how I can go from being an ordinary mum-of-two who works in a small country pub to a submissive at these spectacularly deviant events."Some people might think fetish clubs are dangerous, but they’re safer than regular clubs for women when it comes to drunk men trying it on with you."There are strict rules and someone can get kicked out if they touch you without your permission."Latex is a big turn-on for me, the sound of it or the feel of it under your fingers. "I told my parents about my hobby and they’re quite relaxed about it."I need to get this all out of my system while I’m young, before I’m married, so I don’t have a midlife crisis.presents the largest collection of Indian cam girls on the web.