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In the first evening’s balloting, Hunter got the most votes but not a majority.The next night, in two subsequent tallies, Ready overtook Hunter by a slim margin. And regiment-wide enthusiasm for either was lacking.

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In a decided upset, the final vote was Forsyth 321; Ready 138; Hunter 131.When the 3d Alabama Regiment of Volunteers was organized in Montgomery, April 27, 1861, Jones Withers of Mobile was elected colonel.His election was preordained by the back room maneuvering of two Mobile Cadets: Henry Hotze and Charles Forsyth.None of the first lieutenants mounted a viable campaign–many were themselves being recruited to officer newly-forming regiments.The choice appeared to boil down to: Captain Edward Ready of Wetumpka, (Co I) or the erratic Winston Hunter, captain of the Metropolitan Guards (F)–the other Montgomery militia.Winter Quarters, Christmas Eve, 1863 Dear Sis: My heart is with the dear ones at home this beautiful moonlit Christmas Eve. What a night it is for an old time Christmas frolic. I know you will be disappointed––the picture is like her, and yet is not like her. The beef was pronounced ‘a la mode’, the of the first class. .] as fast as I rolled my pastry one way, it drew up the other, and I could not possibly induce the upper and lower crust to stick together. Subordinate officers and sergeants then took charge and soon two long ranks of militiamen formed on West Bridge Street, between the whitewashed panels of the Presbyterian Church and the stolid red brick sanctuary of the Baptists.

Out of doors, Jack Frost is hard at work, giving nature a silvery covering, and the stars twinkle coldly far up in the heavens. You are like a Hebrew Bible––when you tell a thing you begin at the end [. the politicians] had dispersed to their mountain caves [. .] Since you so indignantly deny having any malice whatever against Miss Maggie [a young Richmond woman, the Captain had met in June of 1862] I have concluded to let you look at her. The following bill of fare was the glorious result. Brother The Christmas Menu: –––– Soupson –––– Black eyed pea –––– Boiled –––– Knuckle of Ham Black eyed peas –––– Baked –––– Beef stuffed with bacon & red pepper Irish Potatoes –––– Pastry –––– Peach pies, sweetened with sugar ––– Dessert –––– Fried puffs, honey sauce –––– Coffee –––– –––– Tooth Picks –––– –––– Pipes –––– On the morning of April 27, 1861, Captain Edward Ready ordered the volunteers of the Wetumpka Light Guards to fall in.The one hundred twelve volunteers had been treated to a feast at Hagerty Hall, courtesy of Mr. The Guards had already been deployed once, with Colonel Lomax’ Second Regiment at Pensacola, investing Fort Pickens.Mc Kinney Thomas, who provided “meats and cake enough . They had come home at the end of February well-drilled, disciplined and fit.Lomax, while no West Pointer (like Withers), was a veteran of the Mexican War, former Captain of the Montgomery True Blues, and in January 1861 picked by Gov.Moore to lead the Alabama Expeditionary Battalion into Florida, where they invested Federal troops at Pensacola’s Fort Barrancas.But in the raising and outfitting of an army, supplies were short, and the mills at Columbus, Georgia, had failed to send the material on time. Captains and lieutenants were “officers of the line,” in command of the various companies; divided between two battalions: First and Second.