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I went by the power company and had the electricity and gas turned off at the house. I wanted to get rid of her without her getting anything out of the marriage. There's a little more to it than an argument." "What, Dad.

I chuckled to my self as I took my tray to the scullery. I had about forty five minutes before a meeting with a client. I opened my search engine and typed in 'white wives black lovers.' To my surprise about fifty sites popped up. I had to erase all the thoughts and visions I was having. The empty beer cans, the booze bottles and some fast food wrappers. My cell phone had been ringing all morning and I just let it go to voice mail. It should be a new learning experience for her." "I don't know what to do, Dad." "I'll suggest you stay out of it as much as you can. It will work it's self out." "I won't just drop her. Bye bye." On the way back to my motel room I got a call from Sarah's parents. She called and she was crying so much I had trouble understanding her." "What did she tell you? I was driving and couldn't answer your call." "Eric, What happened with you and Sarah. Then she started chatting with some of the women there. He told her he was going to get her so hot eating her pussy that she would beg for his cock. After the meeting was over I went back to my office.

He sent one of his cock with a cloth tape next to it. He had told her his favorite thing was seeing a beautiful married blonde with a shaved pussy all spread wide with her arms behind her head, ready for his big black cock. My secretary reminded me about my meeting so I had to put a lid on my anger. It was a detailed account of the two guys following them. I mostly told them I would be in touch when the dust settled. Her chat log and actions pretty much tell me everything. I emptied all the accounts and opened new ones in my name only. I don't want to visit you in jail." "Nothing like that will happen. All she has left is her cell phone." "I can understand you being angry. " "She broke her vows and as far as I'm concerned our marriage is over. They gave her some tips on how to hide it from their husbands. And that she would have to beg him to shoot his black cum in her. I paid him and he said he would call me when he had something.

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