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Dating resources web pages - nick lachey now dating

In the element descriptions below, a formal single-word label is specified to make the syntactic specification of elements simpler for encoding schemes.

Whether this element is used for spatial or temporal information, care should be taken to provide consistent information that can be interpreted by human users, particularly in order to provide interoperability in situations where sophisticated geographic or time-specific searching is not supported.The site offers a wealth of classroom-ready instructional resources, as well as online professional development materials and a set of tools which allows teachers to manage, annotate, and share the materials they use in classroom teaching." The nature or genre of the content of the resource.Type includes terms describing general categories, functions, genres, or aggregation levels for content.Consequently, there will occasionally be some judgment required from the person assigning the metadata.If in doubt about what constitutes the title, repeat the Title element and include the variants in second and subsequent Title iterations.For instance, a formal bibliographic citation might be used to point users to a particular resource.

Because the refined terms used with Relation provide significantly more information to a user than the unqualified use of Relation, implementers who are describing heavily interrelated resources might choose to use qualified Dublin Core.Select subject keywords from the Title or Description information, or from within a text resource.If the subject of the item is a person or an organization, use the same form of the name as you would if the person or organization were a Creator or Contributor.In general, choose the most significant and unique words for keywords, avoiding those too general to describe a particular item.Subject might include classification data if it is available (for example, Library of Congress Classification Numbers or Dewey Decimal numbers) or controlled vocabularies (such as Medical Subject Headings or Art and Architecture Thesaurus descriptors) as well as keywords.If the item is in HTML, view the source document and make sure that the title identified in the title header (if any) is also included as a Title. Typically, a Subject will be expressed as keywords or key phrases or classification codes that describe the topic of the resource.

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