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At the jail, Robinson was searched, and a blue mint container with a blue pill in it was found in his pocket.When asked what the blue pill was, he stated that it was a synthetic opioid.

They are recruiting cadets and correctional officers.

City of Union voters are going to the polls today to cast their ballot in a referendum that asks a yes or no question.

Union City Council voted 5-1 at a previous meeting to ask citizens if they would like to see the form of government change in the municipality. One is to continue as is with what is called the strong mayor form, and the other option is to switch to the council form of government.

They will also discuss funding for Workforce Development.

requesting a change in the plan for their new fire house.

These positions offer an excellent starting pay, with benefits that include health, dental and vision insurance, paid time off, uniforms, and more.

Qualified candidates should apply online via City of Union voters will be going to the polls tomorrow to express their preference on the form of government under which the city council will operate.

She said she was not sure where they went or what kind of vehicle they were in. Deputies went to Room 229 at the inn to photograph the scene.

In the room, the deputies found evidence that an assault had taken place.

The woman was lying in a ball, wrapped in a blanket and only wearing panties.

She stated that after the two beat her up, they left with her clothes, phone, and phone charger.

After checking all the other motels, deputies went back to the Roadway Inn, where they saw Robinson standing in the door of room 229.

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