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To do it forcibly every 15 minutes will be correctly regarded as abusive of a 'free service' and dyndns wll block your account, perhaps ISP and 'name and shame' the offenders (Linksys have had this in the past!

As to will it need to be done everytime you restart the router, I would guess yes but try it and see...

To run something on startup you need to use the autoexec or RT_cmd_x features (see the release notes).

No it will not, I assume the "core logic" on the router uses the details stored from the web interface to correctly update dyndns when the external IP I guess I'm not the only person that has a problem with the Web front DDNS, Do you think this could be an item fixed in the next update to the firmware ?

thanks again for your help, and now have a very basic idea of telent now if some one can pass the command line for Noip i will sure give it a try all the best Ian My Router has just changed its ip and it did not update the DDNS so that means it will never auto update so I can only do DDNS from Home not really any good seeing the point of the DDNS is so I can get to my Computer when I'm away from home Thanks for your help, I think all i can do is wait for a fix Nope.

thanks in advance Hi and welcome, There subtle differences inn the ddns in the 1350 firmware compared to the older ones, the module may have changed name/location but its still there!

Is there a problem with configuration via the web GUI?

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Regarding Line Dropping my line drops like every 9 to 12 hours so I'm looking at an ip change 2 - 3 times a day I have checked to see if it is working by trying to accessing my DDNS URL and by Checking on DYNDNS account to see if it has registered an update, but it never does so there is noway I can get the modem to check the external IP changes, like every 6 hours or something to avoid being classed as abuseecho "begin;ddns:settings/status;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection;end" | cm_cli_ttywhich should tell you which connection is used - mine in connection0 and the following Telnet commands interrogate the settings stored in the configuration databaseecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/servername;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/dyndns/username;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/dyndns/password;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/dyndns/domainname;end" | cm_cli_ttycheck dyndns stateecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/dyndns/state;end" | cm_cli_tty To change dyndns stateecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/dyndns/state=0;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/dyndns/state=1;end" | cm_cli_ttysimilar commands for other serversecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/tzo/key/state;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/tzo/domainname/state;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/tzo/state;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/noip/username;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/noip/password;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/noip/group;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/noip/domainname;end" | cm_cli_ttyecho "begin;ddns:settings/connection0/noip/state;end" | cm_cli_tty I have DLINK 2640T, and all is working fine with the RT routertech_ar7wrd_1350a_pspboot_firmware_20081123_159 but i have a big problem; i can't find ddns in /usr/sbin, i connect with putty to the modem but there is no ddns , so please how to make it or dowload it ??

Line was dropped and new IP given I did try the NO IP via the web interface but again is just stuck so to run it on startup I should use "ddns -d -r -h *****.-s dyndns -u ****:****" thanks Ian No it will not, I assume the "core logic" on the router uses the details stored from the web interface to correctly update dyndns when the external IP changes.

Region : Others Model : TL-R488T Hardware Version : V3 Firmware Version : 3.7.1 Build 091203 Rel.53376s ISP : Dear All, I have TP LINK 488T loadbalancer.

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