Who is dating tom welling

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I'll never forget the day when Marek, a Slovakian decorator, was doing up the kitchen and drove a nail through the skirting board into a pipe.There was a loud hiss and the room filled rapidly with gas.

It's simply because when we advertised the job, nobody English applied.Local legend has it that Welling is so called because in the era of horse-drawn vehicles, it could be said you were "well in" to Kent, or had a "well end" to the journey up and down Shooters Hill which, at the time was steep, had a poor road surface and was a notorious haunt of highwaymen.Until the 1800s, most of Welling down to Blackfen was covered in woodland which offered excellent concealment for outlaws and robbers who would prey on vulnerable slow-moving horse-drawn traffic.But while I frantically stubbed out my cigarette, threw open the windows and scrambled to find the main valve in the cupboard under the stairs, Marek just stood there with a phrasebook, repeating over and over again: ‘Vorter-pitter! Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?I've seen it spelled out only once, when she returned from a brief trip home and showed me, with her eyes brimming with pride, the certificate of her degree in business studies which she'd just been awarded by the University of Wroclaw.

After a few weeks of this, the effort became too much for me (I'm never at my chattiest before lunchtime anyway) and I gave up trying.

There was the Coventry security firm, which needed to fill 20 jobs in a city with more than 10,000 out of work. Then there was yesterday's Mail investigation in which the paper advertised ten fictitious jobs across Britain.

Of those who applied, the great majority in London, Manchester, Brighton and Northampton were born abroad.

For there's something about the peremptory way she says ‘Yespliss' that makes it sound less like an expression of polite supplication than an order, as in the police officer's brusque: ‘Move along, please.'But she's a grown woman in her mid-20s, and not my daughter.

And, anyway, I couldn't bear the blushes and the risk of tears. Then it's total silence between us until we say goodbye as I leave to catch the 10.19am to the office (and how I long to explain that I'm not quite the slob she must think me, since I work very late).

It was only after a good five minutes, and a great deal of blushing and eye-welling on her part, that I worked out she meant a bucket (and in my family, buckets have been referred to as pockets ever since).

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    Luckily, it hasn't affected my career or my personal life in any way that I know of, but I have had to explain it to more than one guy I've dated since then, and it definitely scared the heck out of me at the time.