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Free wormer ses chat

“I have certain students who love to instigate and distract each other, so I made distraction tickets.

When they come back, they shrug their shoulders and say "They didn't even do anything" and start laughing and sit down to bathe in the "you have no real power over me" feeling and then carry on.“Taking the time to learn about a child’s background can make the difference between compassion and callousness,” says retired teacher Diane Postman of Yorktown, Virginia.“Knowing a child is dealing with family issues or poverty can lead a teacher to make allowances or adaptations to help a struggling child succeed.If handled poorly, these confrontations can lead to power struggles -- and more disruptions.Fortunately, many educators have developed strategies for dealing with confrontational students. Robert Feller from the University of Washington believes these hooks prevent potential disruptions and stimulate students’ minds so they focus on the upcoming lesson.If you know where your students are coming from, you are in a better position to relate. Elise Trumbull believes that a connection with students creates a level of respect and trust between students and the teachers.

If teachers can start to understand students’ cultures better, a partnership can be formed between school and the home with the parents.“The teacher who asks challenging questions stimulates student interest.Empower your students by encouraging them to participate in activities of the whole group or in smaller groups.” Problems at home or a difficult home life are often a reason for disruptive children.Students will remember this and that teacher’s value will be diminished.” It is much better to focus on what you don’t understand by using “I statements” and “feeling statements” rather than “you statements.” This will allow the student to explain instead of argue their point. Instead, they lay all the responsibility on the administrators and the's the teachers who are held totally accountable for EVERYTHING...i.e., student behavior, student hygiene, student home life, student daycare, student bullying, student apathy, student dress code, student cyberbullying, student family life, student learning handicaps, student learning accomodations, student emotional disabilities, students eating habits, student apprehension, student comprehension, student class environment, student home environment, student social skills, student social interaction, student psychological makeup, student daycare, student aftercare, student precare, student welfare, student emotional welfare, student physical welfare, student psychological welfare, student mental welfare, student counseling, student training, student gangs and gang mentality, student motivation, student socioeconomic conditioning, student peer pressure, students community structure, student victims, student bullies, student drug use, student drinking, student dating, etc. When did the educational system begin taking on the role of parental authorities? Teachers are expected to be all things to all students..held to a level of competence that is humanly impossible...are held totally accountable for students psychological, emotional, mental and physical welfare..the point where they have been burdened with being these kids surrogate parents.It also allows the student to understand that the teacher isn’t trying to pin them into a corner or assess blame, but rather understand the student’s actions. Shouldn't the ones raising these kids should be attending all these workshops, seminars, and classes...oh, yes, that's right! They have all the responsibility but are given none of the authority.I had to create my own system of rewards and punishments for the class.

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