Dating a featherweight sewing machine

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Dating a featherweight sewing machine

By this time, the company also was producing commercial zigzag sewing machines.Singer sewing machines were constantly improved and updated.

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The beautiful cabinets, well-made machines, and practical improvements made Singer sewing machines a must for the average household.Although they are often found at garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales with very low price tags, there are several models of antique Singer sewing machines that are highly sought after by collectors.These beautiful pieces of sewing history are popular with antiques collectors and sewing enthusiasts alike.If you need help downloading this printable, check out these helpful tips.In the early 1850s, Isaac Merritt Singer inventing the first really practical sewing machine of the times.As the leader of the sewing machine industry, the Singer Company introduced the first practical sewing machine powered by an electrical motor in 1889.

Within two years, commercial sewing machines were being sold powered by electric motors.Because of the many technological changes Singer introduced over the years, examining the serial number on any Singer will reveal the time period in which the machine was produced.To identify and date your sewing machine, look up the serial number on a chart like the free one in this article.The Featherweight, model 221, was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair.This beautiful machine was black with a scrollwork faceplate and gold decals.The Turtleback was the first machine designed for home use. It had more room under the arm, which made it easier for the seamstress to manipulate large amounts of fabric. Later Class 66 models had a motor and numbered tension dial added.

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