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Medieval Times is celebrating 30 years of feasting and fun in North America. Allergy/Strobe Warning: Medieval Times is a live horse show in an enclosed arena.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament features an ALL NEW SHOW!The staff is very much into the show so you don't get the feeling they are going through the motions or anything like that.You get served a lot of food so you definitely won't be leaving hungry.As the knights compete in the tournament, everyone would cheer for them. Maybe next time our knight will win the tournament. If you plan to be anywhere near any one of the cities where there is a Medieval Times are located, and you only have time for one event, I highly recommend that you see this one. This is something everyone must experience at least once in their life!My mom and my niece each received a flower from our knight. The actors did a great job performing the fight scene. My husband and I adopted a 5 yr old today and decided to surprise him with a visit to medevil times He loves Knights and swords This child had been burned ,beaten and starved before we took him in and now he is adopted He was still a little nervous from being in a courtroom all day but we asked the guy at medevil times if there was something he could do The person we spoke with was the main announcer for the event and his true name is Jody He told me we could have a Knighting ceremony Which we did and he loved it All through the show anytime Jody came out on his horse he would wave to our boy or give him a smile After the show Jody actually came and found us and made pics with him and talked to him What a wonderful person to take so much time for a kid he didn't even know We saw laughter and huge smiles during the entire show The 3 of us had fun and our little one left saying that Jody was his new best friend The show is fabulous and the horses are beautiful This place is a fun place for all ages I attended this event twice in two months and was amazed each time. This was my first time at a Medieval Times with my sons and mother in law, but I can say I was impressed.The Andalusian Stallions: While most of the royal subjects stand on their own two feet, the most celebrated members of the Kingdom are best known for their trot, gallop, and canter.

The Feast: The new, upgraded feast shall be served!Men with dogs’ heads, creatures with giant feet, griffins, sirens and hellish demons can all be found in the illustrated pages of medieval manuscripts.Dr Alixe Bovey delves into the symbolic meaning of a variety of monsters to understand what they can teach us about life and belief in the Middle Ages.Images of the afterlife dominate illuminated manuscripts, paintings, sculptures and literature in the Middle Ages.Dr Alixe Bovey examines how ideas of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory impacted on everday life.This is an event that excited both the you and old alike. The knights were great performers, the horses were absolutely beautiful. If you go with older or disabled people, just tell them at the door for seating that requires no steps..

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