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Sam Haskell, CEO of the Miss America Organization, says he long wanted to engineer the pageant's Atlantic City return.

An independent study from Northwest Financial Group showed the pageant's return could bring at least million to Atlantic City's coffers — although, Palmieri said, really "It's closer to 30 to 35 million." The development authority has worked with the Atlantic City Alliance and Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority to accommodate the pageant.

The monument to Miss America holds a crown in the air, waiting for her successor. "In Las Vegas I think we really struggled to build a fan base because there's so much that happened there." A permanent 7 1/2 foot tall bronze Miss America statue was unveiled today on the boardwalk at Atlantic City's Kennedy Plaza following the official arrival ceremony for the 2014 Miss America pageant festivities.

While in Vegas, the pageant also left network TV, and was broadcast on Country Music Television to sinking ratings from 2006 through 2007, and then on TLC from 2008 until 2010. Created by Toms River artist Brian Hanlon, the statue was designed in the likeness of the 2013 Miss America winner, Mallory Hagan.

The alliance, whose mission it is to enhance the city's reputation, has been working closely with the Miss America Organization — still based right outside the city in suburban Linwood — to make its homecoming sweet, Guaracino said.

The alliance is supplying free hotel rooms to the 53 Miss America contestants (one from each state, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia), judges and other guests.

Over the next two weeks, fifty-three contestants will practice, rehearse and make public appearances as they prepare to vie for this year's crown.

The Miss America pageant returns to Atlantic City after a 5-year stint in Las Vegas."It is a real image booster, especially considering the international attention Miss America gets," Guaracino said.Miss Oklahoma, Kelsey Griswold, looks up at a new Miss America statue unveiled yesterday on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, the work of Toms River sculptor Brian Hanlon."That's something that I've thought about since they've announced it," Hagan said.A sort of compensation arrived yesterday in the form of a statue of Miss America on the boardwalk, modeled after Hagan herself.The pageant's move back to the Jersey Shore also means a change in season.

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