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Able2Extract PDF Converter Professional for Windows may need a new build at some point to add in an update option, which is still lacking in this build, and also wasn’t present in Able2Extract 9, but overall, it’s a very stable, professional and easy to use program, that allows conversions to multiple formats.We’d easily recommend this for text/image documents, as well as purely image or text based files as well.

————————– My Overall Score: ————————– My Final Verdict – Able2Extract PDF Converter Professional for Windows is very easy to use once, and is not confusing for first time users. With the HTML format, it compiled all of the converted images on to separate html files, then it created an html file that you can name yourself, so that you could browse through each slide in a browser like a Power Point presentation, and while this option works on Mozilla Firefox, while both online and offline, it only works on Google Chrome when you are online, but doesn’t work in an offline mode. The other formats were HTML and Image files, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF. On top of that, you can also import other files, such as text files, Word files and more, and then convert them into PDF files. Everything is extremely easy to work out, and it becomes very easy to use within a matter of seconds. Interface – ” – Strictly an accessible professional interface layout, with not too many options to confuse and disorientate users. It can also do batch conversions and convert multiple PDF files at the same time to any format listed above, and it also allows users to convert PDF files to an Auto CAD format, which we didn’t test. It has the simplest layout, conversion format and options available in a program. ODP (Open Office Power Point), HTML, and Image files in BMP, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JIF, JFIF, JFI, PNG, GIF, TIF, and TIFF. If you want the ability to convert PDF text/image documents into a word document, HTML format, Power Point, or as simple picture files then you will be a happy chappy with the program itself, but it’s definitely not worth the price point. It’s even easier to use than i Sky Soft PDF Converter and Able2Extract 9.0, that we reviewed in recent years.

Installation Able2Extract PDF Converter Professional for Windows – ” – Literally, the easiest conversion programs I have ever had the pleasure of using. It also very easy to see, choose and customize conversion options. Start-Up – ” – Starting up the program from a cold start is great, as there is no lag or hanging or waiting, as it loads within 2-3 seconds of clicking the button to start it up. Quality Of PDF Conversions – ” – A very fast PDF converter, depending on what you convert. Text/Image PDF File – ” – We converted PDF files that consisted of both text and images (screengrabs), which were between 20 and 100 pages long. Everything is located on the toolbar at the top of the program or in the menus above them, and shows a very tidy, professional and effective lay out.It also allows PDF files to be converted to HTML files, and images, including PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF and TIFF.The program is safe to use for all users regardless of background knowledge and file converting experience.However, only one resource plan is active at a time.

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