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Her father, a Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna economist while her mother is a Padma Shri winner and an outstanding author in existing Bengali literature.Actress of rang rasiya movie’s mother aspiration soon she adapted and started writing in her dawn periods.

Rang rasiya actress name is Nandana Sen and is a diva not only beautiful but also an intellectual person.Escaping law authorities Nandana Sen controversial project with director Shamim Sharif and the drama was named The World Unseen.Also in between all these Nandana Sen books were also gaining popularity.She was one of the leads and critically acclaimed for her great performance while the film was applauded by the audience also.After that she teamed up with several directors and for a strong and social message like The War Within (2005), Tango Charlie and My Wife’s Murder.She is also involved with UNICEF India’s National Celebrity for child Protection, RAHI-being the first ever Indian organization to take up child sexual abuse as an issue and against Gender Based Violence.

She also works as a Child Rights expert and has teamed up with NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights).Besides acting for theatre and films she is intense in promoting child protection.For this she is also the Smile Ambassador for a valuable children’s NGO named Operation Smile.I am stressing on the intellectual part because when you will read rang rasiya actress Nandana Sen biography, her true credentials is what will captivate your interest.Nandana Sen in Rang Rasiya movie is looking quite sexy and beautiful this is what we can make out from the trailers released.After that she was loaded with awards since every-year she used to collect John Harvard Scholarship and the Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Award for her incredible scholastic accomplishments.