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Additionally, the subunit FT Triple - comprising Jaejin, Minhwan and Jonghun - formed in 2008 and officially promoted in 2009 with "Love Letter".Seunghyun is also in a subunit called Two Song Place with labelmate and comedian Song Eunyi, and they made their debut in 2014 with "Age Height".

MH: Yeah, he’s been teasing the members since the beginning of the show.***FT ISLAND vs. So now he a chance to prove himself that he is actually strong. JJ: This is boring Hongki’s Keyword: No Scandal vs Memory MHJ: There is no scandal but there is a break up song.

Stage Name : Hongki (홍기) Birth Name : Lee Hongki (이홍기)Nick Name(s) : Cute Rebellion Date of birth : March 2, 1990Place of birth : Seoul, South Korea Height : 176 cm Weight : 60 kg Blood Type : ABPosition : Main vocalist, visual Occupations : Vocalist, actor, MCAssociated acts : FT Island Best Feature : Smile Specialty/Hobby : Singing, playing soccer, listening to music, cooking, internet Education : Kyunghee University (Drama and Theater)Twitter : @skullhong Stage Name : Jaejin (재진) Birth Name : Lee Jaejin (이재진) Nick Name(s) : Volunteer Date of birth : December 17, 1991Height : 177 cm Weight : 58 kg Blood Type : APosition : Bassist and vocalist of the band Occupations : Vocalist, bassist Associated acts : FT Island, FT Triple Best Feature : Lips Specialty/Hobby : Bass Guitar, Listening to traditional music, internet, questioning Education : 선유고등학교 1학년 (Sun Yoo High School 1st year) Twitter : @saico011Stage Name : Seunghyun (승현) Birth Name : Song Seunghyun (송승현) Nickname(s) : 16 Dimensions Date of birth : August 21, 1992Height : 180 cm Weight : 60 kg Blood Type : OPosition : Rhythm guitarist, rapper and vocalist Occupations : Singer, guitarist, rapper Associated acts : FT Island Best Feature : Dimple Specialty/Hobby : Singing, acting, guitar, piano, listening to music Education : Seoul Arts High School Twitter : @chungxuan Stage Name : Minhwan (민환) Birth Name : Choi Minhwan (최민환) Nick Name(s) : 민둥이, Sah Oh Jung Date of birth : November 11, 1992 Height : 171 cm Weight : 55 kg Blood Type : APosition : Drummer, and vocalist Occupations : Drummer, singer Associated acts : FT Island.

Jaejin want to play guitar first but,he think he should try bass 20.

– Hongki’s ideal type: “I want someone with the opposite personality as me. – Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts; Kyunghee Cyber University – He can play the guitar and the drums. – He acted in the dramas: “Style” (2009 – cameo ep.6), “Investigator Alice 2” (2016). I really like Linkin Park and Hoobastank so it’d be nice if she likes that kind of music too.” Minhwan – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. – His hobbies are listening to music and surfing the internet. – Minhwan’s ideal type: He revealed his ideal type is Apink’s Bomi. – Education: University of Suwon, Major in Digital Music – At university, he is a colleague with Jonghun. – His hobbies are playing sports, reading and listening to music.

I wish she isn’t blood type O, and I hope she can sing a duet with me.” Jaejin – He was born in Cheongju, South Korea. – His hobbies are swimming, surfing the internet, playing badminton, football and table tennis. – Seunghyun’s ideal type: ”I hope she’s not any taller than 163 cm. Former member: Wonbin – He was born in South Korea. – Wonbin’s ideal type: is someone who is tall, plays sports well and cooks well.

Hongki call Jaejin 'goat' because he eat like a goat 19. When he was in 1st grade, used to follow a girl he likes everywhere and even send letters n then ran away. Received a leopard print panties from a fan before. If he had a chance to act again, he wanna play a role as a psychopath.

Wanted to play the guitar at first but decided to try out for bass. During audition, he auditioned with a bit of singing as well as playing the bass.

A South Korean idol rock band, FT Island, short for Five Treasure Island, was the first group to debut under FNC Entertainment (FNC Music at the time) in 2007.

The original lineup comprised Jonghun, Hongki, Jaejin, Wonbin and Minhwan; Seunghyun was added in after Wonbin left at the beginning of 2009 for "musical differences".

– He has an older sister, which is actress Lee Chaewon. – Education: Seonyoo High School; Seoul Institute of the Arts – He can play the bass and the guitar. – He acted in the dramas: “Unstoppable Marriage” (2007), “On Air” (2008 – cameo ep. – Jaejin’s ideal type: Preferably an older girl (Noona), cute and somehow shy. Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web.

1), “Style” (2009 – cameo ep.6), “The Flatterer” (2015), “My Only Love Song” (2017). If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post.

, 2013 FT ISLAND’s Hongki, Jaejin, Minhwan and Seunghyun took part in Mnet’s ‘Open Studio Talk.’ Jonghun, unfortunately, had to be somewhere else. HK: Does that mean you are currently in a relationship? HK: Okay really, I know I wrote this song but I originally had a half-key higher.