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, purported dangers later aggregated by news sources in the U. The “sickening” messages asking personal questions and encouraging him to imitate sexual acts in virtual bedrooms were sent on the Roblox game.Iain Morrison, 33, from Hull, was shocked to see the messages pop up within 15 minutes of starting up his son’s IPad when he decided to have a look at the “seemingly innocent” game after reading an article about it online.

But when Martin scored 160, the highest possible rating on the test, she matched the IQs of geniuses like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and BIll Gates, who are also thought to be in a similar range.Roblox you have a civic and moral duty to address and fix this issue to protect kids...SHAME ON YOU for not performing the due diligence to ensure safety in your own game/app!!! According to the first article, Hull resident Iain Morrison maintained that he discovered the game was being used by pedophiles after purportedly locating messages of an indecent nature in his child’s account: A horrified father has issued a warning to other parents after his eight-year-old son was sent indecent messages from strangers on popular online game Roblox.There's a kids app called "roblox"...30 million users.Similar to the game "Minecraft", but has a messaging feature.These players must first become friends with another user before certain activities are allowed, such as messaging, following into game, and playing in private servers.

Players age 12 and younger have their posts and chats filtered both for inappropriate content and behavior, and to prevent personal information from being posted.The former Hull KR player said he believes the game – dubbed the new Minecraft which is aimed at children aged between eight and 12 years old – is being used by adults looking to meet up with children.Like similar warnings in the news, Morrison’s began as a Facebook status post.As a Parent, How Can I See What My Children Are Doing on Roblox?Roblox does have several ways to see the history for certain account activities.And the most important thing of all is that there are no limits to the acquaintances you make with our app—and we're not just talking geography, if you know what we mean.

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