Inbetween phase before you start dating

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Inbetween phase before you start dating - teen dating practices

I apply an iterative approach and evaluate and implement feedback from user testing, card-sorting und tree-testing sessions.

You get a summary of all research results in a report that builds the base to design your app, website, or digital service accordingly.Together with your team I document existing workarounds, discuss pain points and wishes and design an optimized solution.I create and implement processes and styleguides for authors, developers and designers and roll out relevant information regularly.To help users get their tasks done more efficient and effective, I structure content along their business goals.To follow the expectations and habits of your user groups, all content and ui objects are in a logical order and come with a consistent design.When you internalize your customer's domain knowledge into your company, both of you benefit!

Design for user's needs Based on my research findings I create (paper) mock-ups, low-fi wireframes and high-fi interactive click dummies using AXURE, the industry standard prototyping tool.

If you have already published a hugh amount of content, and plan a migration or restructuring project, I can help you to clean up the mess, report outdated or redundant information and chaotic structures.

A content inventory is a good starting point to implement a CMS, reuse topics, and define your content strategy!

Get valuable feedback from a professional You have launched a website, app or digital service, or are about to?

If you are uncertain about usability, recognizing navigation issues, or in trouble with customers, ask me to systematically analyse your prototype or product.

In any case you get a detailed report with priotized feedback on ux and usability issues including recommendations how to improve everything: with new conceptual design ideas, better interaction design, restructuring the content, or input for a concise ui copy.

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    Results suggest that although both girls and boys experienced DDA at similar rates of frequency (with the exception of sexual coercion), girls reported that they were more upset by these behaviors.