Invalidating session in spring mvc

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On the Spring-MVC video training course, I described three different approaches to handling sessions in Spring.

Request Wrapper then into a Security Context Holder Aware Request Wrapper).

Thankyou to Bob Casazza for reminding me to do this.

First, a recap of the three approaches described on the video: 1: Use Http Session directly.

(Replication: where your web application is hosted on multiple servers.

Then the session has to be copied from one server to another.

topic/hazelcast/q ZISwaf TRos I use the latest version of Hazelcast to replicate session over Tomcat 6 servers. The issue is the following (all steps executed from the same browser tab): Here is a snippet from the stack trace:

Illegal State Exception: invalidate: Session already invalidated at org.apache.catalina.session.

Spring provides a default implementation for this interface: org.springframework.context. Below is the XML configuration for the Security Context Persistent Filter The Logout Filter is in charge of logging out the current user and invalidating the security context.

The task of invalidating the HTTP session is again delegated to another actor, the Security Context Logout Handler.

The Security Context Persistent Filter interface purpose is to store the security context in some repository.

To achieve this task, the filter delegates the job to a Security Context Repository interface. The repository for the security context is simply the current user HTTP session.

Web Filter.create Hazelcast Http Session(Web As a workaround if I delete the cookies on logout (using delete-cookies attribute in the Spring Security config, see the problem does not occur as the browser does not send the old Hazelcast session id along with the request. Could you please check out this sample and give it a try?