Vonn and tebow dating

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Tebow and that Broncos defense obviously possess some kind of Rocky Mountain magic.Lindsey Vonn will not be the woman to usher Tim Tebow into manhood.

Robby was on hand to see his so-called good friend Lindsey win the World Cup super-G in Colorado.

Buzz really gained steam this past week after Vonn celebrated a World Cup skiing event.

After collecting the ‘W,’ Vonn dropped to one knee in a celebratory Tebow after winning the World Cup race in nearby Beaver Creek, CO.

“I asked him if Tim would be upset if I did it,” Vonn said.“I said that if I won in Colorado, I would do it, ‘Go Broncos.’ And I did it.

Like it or not, the entire country is straight up obsessed with Tim Tebow.

All evidence suggests that, if Vonn is dating a Tebow, it's more than likely Robby.

Unfortunately, that means unending discussion surrounding his quarterbacking abilities and a week's worth of dissection every time he takes the field.So it's not like these rumors came completely out of nowhere. She and Tebow, who is "saving himself for marriage," would instantly form one of the sexiest couples in sports, but alas. Rumors have been spreading over the last few days that Denver Broncos QB and Sports Center regular Tim Tebow is dating Olympic skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn.If I might take a moment to insert opinion here: Does anyone seriously think Tim freaking Tebow would date a married woman?Tebow says they met at the ESPYs, which is kind of surprising considering they are both sports stars with a nearby home field….from her husband, insists she and Tebow are just friends.

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