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The Cyprus' screen with resistive or pcap touch technology, is protected against spills and tested to last millions of touches.

It runs Windows like normal, it has the features you'd expect, the POS version is a lighter version that contains only the features you need to run point of sale software. The big difference between the Cyprus and like a consumer based computer is consumer based computers normally will be made to be used on a desk, so the tilt goes from at a slight angle to maybe a little higher, so you're looking at something like that for consumer built computer.

This is a purpose built computer, it's assembled in America, and it's really designed for retail, restaurant, hospitality, gaming situations.

It's a very well built unit that is modular in the sense that it can be mounted on the wall, on a pole, or use the built in stand.

Here are a few reasons why you'll be able to travel with confidence with Just You: You will be met at the airport by a dedicated Just You representative A friendly Tour Manager will host your holiday and make sure it runs smoothly We'll show you the must-see sights and some of the hidden gems too You'll always stay in a room of your own with no single supplement to pay Many meals are included, allowing you to dine with your fellow travellers You can join in as much or as little as you like - the choice is always yours All of our holidays are protected by ATOL or our financial protection insurance We'll help you take care of all your holiday essentials: find out more ​Cyprus is a beautiful island of spectacular landscapes and gorgeous beaches.

Stroll amongst the Kyrenia Mountains, discover fascinating churches and explore picturesque villages and walled towns on this scenic walking tour.

It has a well-built stand, it's flexible as far as mounting goes. You have a J1900 Celeron processor at the low end, and you can go up to an i7 if you need a really powerful machine.

Internally, you have different options as far as memory you want to put in. They're all built at the time of purchase, so it takes a little while to get them, an extra three days about in order to get these, because Pioneer builds each one as they get ordered.

However, you can get one to your exact specs, so if you want a specific amount of RAM, a specific hard drive, a specific processor, you just let us know and then we'll be able to get you a price on that, and then Pioneer will build it out to your exact specifications.

One other cool model that's available is one that has a printer built into the base.

The other versions are full versions of Windows, where you can run your email, your media through it if you want. Point of sale computers were they be mounted in all kinds of situations, can go all the way from flat, so if you're going to hide it inside of a counter, to all the way perfectly vertical if you're going to be using it on a shelf or something like that. It's a metal construction, so it's metal all around, it's dent resistant on it overall, and it's very well built.

It's also VESA mountable, so if you want to take off the stand completely, it's a couple of screws, this base pops out, and then you could mount on to it a wall mount, if you wanted to do wall mounting, or pole mount, if you wanted to mount it on a pole for things like a grocery store, where the monitors are mounted up at face level. One thing you'll notice with cheaper touchscreens, especially consumer based touchscreens is that they have a wobble to them, so when you hit the screen, it shakes, and so after prolonged use, you can feel a little dizzy.

Resistive is still very popular with restaurants and is more popular with in a lot of cases.

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