Who is matt wertz dating

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I read these notes before listening to the record, and expected a something less in quality than his last two CDs.Fortunately, I was completely off with my predisposition.

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Maybe you thought you had already found that record and placed it firmly in the 5 disc CD changer of your fondest memories, but, friends, I’m here to tell you that you haven’t. Because that record is Matt Wertz’s newly released poptastic gem, Gun Shy.The Today & Tomorrow EP quickly became a staple in my car stereo.The five songs were not b-sides, or recorded like they were.The first track Like The Last Time is available on Matt’s myspace page, and begins with Matt’s spoken introduction, ‘we’re rolling this…(beatbox)’.Matt explores the acoustic rap-singing world that Jason Mraz has brought to mainstream.The recording process was lightly explained in the liner notes of the record.

Very relaxed and sometimes multiple musicians ‘crowded around one mic’, a very back-to-the-basics approach was taken. The combination of his soothing voice, polished guitars, and earnest delivery creates a refreshing listening experience for those weary of the overcrowded pop genre.Wertz's record resembles a journal of a young man experiencing love, heartbreak, and longing.The Nashville-based acoustic songsmith of strummy coffee shop jams like “”, “Carolina”, and “Everything’s Right”, spent several months in sunny Los Angeles “to pull the clip on the grenade, blow things up, and start over” for his newest creation.Gun Shy is chock full of lip-smackin’ sugary-sweet vibey jams; the opening track “Committed”, a song of devotion, bursts through the sonic door, making the listener fully aware that he or she has just embarked upon a genuine 21st century pop music journey.Wertz's voice is a pleasing combination of smooth and raspy, and his sincerity forces listeners to empathize with his lovesick plight.