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Many remotes can gain even more functionality by loading an extender.

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These include 15 step macros on any button except the device keys, learning, volume punch through (volume lock), channel lock, key moves, key copy, two possible functions per key per mode using shifted keys, and the ability to add individual functions using advanced codes (EFCs).

However, with Harmony software, the user has no control over the order of commands or what commands are used in activity macros (commands can be added but not removed or changed).

A master power off macro is programmed automatically in the Harmony software.

They have two types of macros: one button sequences of up to 5 commands and activity macros.

Like JP1 remotes, any command from any device can be assigned to any button.

After selecting your devices from lists in the software, you create activities which power on selected devices, set volume punch through and select inputs.

Such macros can also be programmed on JP1 remotes, but the user must choose the commands.Some JP1 remotes also have pre-configured master power macros.Devices are selected from a list in the Harmony software versus being loaded from the JP1 forum file section and pasted into your configuration.For remotes with and LCD display, you can even show your own custom text.All this functionality comes at an incredibly low price. The average JP1 learning remote is about and the interface cable is about .A Harmony is often the first and only remote considered by consumers because the perception is that only Harmony can automate tasks and that this capability must come at a premium price.

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