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To keep my expectations open, I practiced some ‘pranayam ‘ which also helped to ramp up my dating mojo.Since I’d driven to the venue, I ordered my favourite non-alcohol ‘hot toddy’, sat back into my chair and enjoyed talking to guys who seemed intent on impressing me.

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This time, it’s aimed cupid’s arrow as far as New Delhi where love’s favourite winged cherub has quickly struck a chord with singles at one of the first speed dating events ever held in New Dehli.

Just like the first ever speed dating event that hit Beverly Hills back in 1998, Lovestruck’s event offered an opportunity to gather compatibility and test chemistry on simple first impressions based on brief 5-minute conversation.

But don’t let us wax lyrical about the many benefits, you want to know if speed dating could actually work for you, right?

You know you have crossed the limits of being an introvert when your good but highly interfering friend out of sheer desperation signs you up for an event called Speed Dating and then forces you to go to that event. But the instructions although fluent were not that clear.

I am a loner, I love to be alone, but apparently that was not to be according to my friend and so off she sent me on this anxiety ridden quest of speed dating. Oh well…the first time something always goes wrong.

Its 1.30 pm and I am listening to songs while mentally revisiting all the things I needed to carry (including my self confidence). I climb the steps to a semi elevated area in the middle of the pub.“Good evening everyone, May I have your attention please? Congratulations to all of you since you are the first ever batch of Speed Meet in Hyderabad ! As the event progressed, I realised that the event was moving ahead in an ‘auto-pilot mode’. The participants were carefully chosen by the organisers and this ensured there was no friction or disturbance caused by the participants.

The Founder of Speed Meet calls me from Delhi around 1.40 pm. Initially hesitant, I get a grip on myself and start speaking to the manager and explain him how the event is going to start and how it will proceed and how it will end. The second reason why the event was running smoothly was that there was a genuine interest and demand to meet people. Yet, the pace at which the event moved forward was a pleasure to watch.Let me take you through my entire journey with this new animal: Speed Dating in Delhi. What you are supposed to do is write your name and then an adjective about you. Write the names of the person you met and then tick the thumbs up section if you want to see them again…or the thumbs down section if you never want that face again. This is a pretty neat little notebook to write down any names and numbers of the people you want to stay in touch with. Like judges at a reality show the judgment sheet for the selected candidates. And then by the time we do get to the actually need I’m sure we can buy it ourselves. Why the loud music when the whole objective of the event was to get people to know one another and that would in turn require talking. Coz, then good job, we could barely hear the person we were ‘apparently’ trying to know.