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Unlike previous generations, Skylake-based Xeon E3 no longer works with a desktop chipset that supports the same socket, and requires either the C232 or the C236 chipset to operate.Short loops with a specific combination of instruction use may cause unpredictable system behavior on CPUs with hyperthreading. E3 series server chips all consist of System Bus 9 GT/s, max. Unlike its predecessor, the Skylake Xeon CPUs require either a C232 or a C236 chipset to operate.

Industry observers had initially believed that the issues affecting Broadwell would also cause Skylake to slip to 2016, but Intel was able to bring forward Skylake's release and shorten Broadwell's release cycle instead.The user can easily optimize power management beyond the Linux default settings with the powertop utility and its systemd service, which will start up with the computer and auto-tune various settings to reduce power usage.Battery runtime should be similar to Windows 10 and possibly better, but further improvements can still be made.Skylake's launch and sales lifespan occur at the same time as the ongoing SDRAM market transition, with DDR3 SDRAM memory gradually being replaced by DDR4 memory.Rather than working exclusively with DDR4, the Skylake microarchitecture remains backward compatible by interoperating with both types of memory.SKL-S and SKL-X contains an overclockable "K" and "X" variant with unlocked multipliers.

The H, U and Y variants are manufactured in ball grid array (BGA) packaging, while the S variant is manufactured in land grid array (LGA) packaging using a new socket, LGA 1151 (LGA 2066 for Skylake X).

Through beta UEFI firmware updates, some motherboard vendors, such as ASRock (which prominently promoted it under the name "Sky OC") allowed the base clock to be modified in this manner.

In February 2016, however, an ASRock firmware update removed the feature.

The Skylake instruction set changes include Intel MPX (Memory Protection Extensions) and Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions).

Future Xeon variants will also have Advanced Vector Extensions 3.2 ("AVX-512F").

as its predecessor Broadwell, serving as a "tock" in Intel's "tick-tock" manufacturing and design model.