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Today there are still two temperature scales in use: Fahrenheit (UK previously and USA still today) and Celsius (the rest of the world).The Fahrenheit scale has been replaced scientifically by the Celsius scale (called Centigrade in the UK and USA), and later by the Kelvin scale, which has identical one degree steps.

When the strip expands, the coil unwinds somewhat, which moves the indicator.Temperatures in the past can be measured from isotopes and from various proxies, each having its own set of problems.Finally we'll analyse where the world's warmth or coolth is stored, and whether temperature measurements can be used reliably to measure the amount of cooling or warming of the planet.The larger the bulb and the smaller the capillary, the more sensitive the instrument becomes.Medical mercury thermometers are capable of measuring to tenth of a degree Celsius.The whole fear for greenhouse global warming is based on actual temperature measurements all over the world, because these would confirm whether computer model projections are right.

Not just today's record is important, but also that of historic times, to show that temperatures began to rise critically with the combustion of fossil fuels.

It does not surprise therefore that many ways have been invented to measure and control temperature.

Based on known extension of a known substance When a substance (solid or liquid or gaseous) is heated, it extends or expands (with few exceptions).

But the Urban Heat Island effect still has its warming influence.

Temperatures are also measured by weather balloons, and ultimately by satellite, each posing its own problems.

But its capillary must be wide enough to place the metal floating pins, which means that it cannot be read very accurately (0.5ºC is difficult).

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    Some of the basic suggestions, which you may have already tried: 1. I would go directly to the website of the video chip maker (Nvidia, ATI, etc.) for the driver, not the maker of your card.