Carbon 14 dating dead sea scrolls

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It was even later, around 200 BC, that they began appearing with frequency in Judaic religious literature.

In addition to these crimes, Azazel stood accused of teaching women how to enjoy sexual pleasure and indulge in promiscuity - a blasphemy seen as godlessness in the eyes of the Hebrew storytellers.Angels are something we associate with beautiful Pre-Raphaelite and renaissance paintings, carved statues accompanying gothic architecture and supernatural beings who intervene in our lives at times of trouble.For the last 2000 years this has been the stereotypical image fostered by the Christian Church. Where do they come from, and what have they meant to the development of organized religion?One by one they are appointed by God to proceed against the rebel Watchers and their offspring the Nephilim, who are described as "the bastards and the reprobates, and the children of fornication".The first leader, Shemyaza, is hung and bound upside down and his soul banished to become the stars of the constellation of Orion.Other Watchers stood accused of revealing to mortal kind the knowledge of more scientific arts, such as astronomy, the knowledge of the clouds, or meteorology; the "signs of the earth", presumably geodesy and geography, as well as the "signs", or passage, of the celestial bodies, such as the sun and moon.

Their leader, One of their number, Pnme, taught "the bitter and the sweet", surely a reference to the use of herbs and spices in foods, while instructing men on the use of "ink and paper", implying that the Watchers introduced the earliest forms of writing.

There is the angel who wrestles all night with Jacob at a place named , or those which he sees moving up and down a ladder that stretches between heaven and earth.

Yet other than these accounts, there are too few examples, and when angels do appear the narrative is often vague and unclear on what exactly is going on. after the Jews returned from captivity in Babylon around 450 BC - that angels became an integral part of the Jewish religion.

Moreover, there can be little doubt that Magianism, from which we get terms such as magus, magic and magician, helped to establish the belief among Jews not only of whole hierarchies of angels, but also of legions of fallen angels - a topic that gains its greatest inspiration from one work alone - Compiled in stages somewhere between 165 BC and the start of the Christian era, this so-called pseudepigraphal (i.e.

falsely attributed) work has as its main theme the story behind the fall of the angels.

Far more disturbing is Ksdej, who is said to have shown "the children of men all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb, that it may pass away".

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