Mystery method online dating opener

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Mystery method online dating opener - Hardcore sex chats between strangers

My photo was so damn perfect some women thought my profile and photo were fake. But it did more double the response rate from a prior test, (taking a 5% response to 11%). I am tempted to do an entire blog post just on this single-awesome-photo technique. I’ve talked before about fudging your age downward one or two years, which is fine, but here I’m talking about dropping it by 10 or 15 years, just to get into the searches of younger women.Be sure to say somewhere in your profile text that you’re “not really 22 years old”, and be prepared to come clean about your real age either on the first date or when/if she asks over the dating site (some will, some won’t).

There are some downsides with this…if your photo is really great, people will actually assume it’s fake(! Yes, I actually had this problem when I tried it recently. For older men only: Break one of the Blackdragon rules and blatantly lie about your age, especially on sites like POF that block you from messaging younger women.

It’s actually one of the least important numbers of all the numbers you should be tracking.

I’ve talked many times before about how I get laid online, regularly and easily, with ridiculously low response rates. Sometimes they climb as high as 8% or even 11% and I’m extremely impressed with myself.

We’re going to talk about increasing your response rates now, but please keep in mind everything I just explained.

Otherwise you’re going to waste a lot of time spinning your wheels on stupid online dating techniques that don’t work very well. On OKCupid (and sites with a similar rating system), rate every woman you see with 4-stars, then message any woman who quickmatches you.

Statistically these women are much more responsive than woman who are online but using the same profile they’ve had forever. Focus on messaging women who have viewed your profile first.

I have been surprised how easy and fast women will respond if they’ve already viewed my profile, especially if they’ve viewed it, even if they did not send me an opener when they did.

Credit for some of these techniques go to Chukka, Ken, and Ironpen who showed me some of these. Your response rates will be higher if you message women who already see you on their quickmatch, and the more women you rate favorably, the more quickmatches you’ll receive. An old technique I’ve been using forever is to only message women who are “Online Now”.

An improvement to this is to only message women who are “Online Now” have recently posted an update of some kind.

It’s not about response rates…it’s about whether or not you’re getting laid. It’s way too easy for guys to get hung up on response rates when the numbers you should be paying attention to are the ones that actually have to do with sex.

Such as: Those are the numbers I pay very close attention to.

you’re uglier or fatter or older whatever, take all the photos off your profile and replace them with ONE very good photo. Make sure it’s the best damn photo of yourself you can take.

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