Updating a gold frame

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It dries to the touch in a half hour, which is perfect for a project like this. In total I used 6 cans of spray paint for reference, so around $36 for all of those frames.

Have you ever thought about spray painting your picture frames? I used my finger nail or for my stubborn areas my butter knife.

The candle holders only needed one coat, but there were a lot of tricky little nooks and crannies, so I did have go to back and fill in the places I missed.

I knew I didn’t want the finished frame to be stark white, but I also didn’t want it to be too beige.

I blotted the beige paint onto the frame and then, using the clean section of the sponge, immediately wiped it off and spread it around, leaving just a thin, uneven hint of the top color.

Since I am truly a serial re-decorator, I need to find inexpensive ways to make changes.

If you have a straight edge paint scraper, please use that instead! They are all on my Instagram stories that I didn’t save.

This is a little hard for me to admit because I worked for Valspar for over 5 years, but I don’t love their spray paint where fast dry time are important.I couldn’t believe they only wanted for it, so I snatched it up quick! If you can’t take the picture, glass, or mirror out of the frame, you will need to cover it and tape it off.It has one of those plastic frames, but looks like it is an expensive plaster mirror. Usually I am able to shove the newspaper under the frame around most of the mirror or frame and only have to tape a little bit. I hung it in my half bath downstairs that is almost completely re-done.Even the back is just a plain board with some hooks for hanging. I grabbed a can of Krylon gloss black spray paint from the garage and got to work. Since the frame was plastic and wouldn’t be handled much, I didn’t bother priming it first. If some spray paint ends up getting under the paper, don’t worry. Just a few finishing touches and I will reveal the whole thing and the many projects I have done in there. And painting it all out in one color instead of that half black and gold theme it had going on. Gotta love a cheap yard sale find and a can of spray paint!I’ve been working on simplifying the color palettes in the rooms in our house, and I found myself staring at this wall in our kitchen with an old brassy mirror and black sconces. First, I placed the mirror onto some butcher paper on the floor of my garage.I wanted to give it a clean, updated look, but I didn’t necessarily want to spend the money on new decor. Using painter’s tape, I carefully taped off the edges of the mirror.

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