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Jeremiah Powers was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD) three days after he was born last January.

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Pictured: Crystal, center, with her husband and children (left), and (right) Crystal holding her four-month-old son before contracting the virus.Abbey Beckley, now 28, (pictured) was working on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska in the summer of 2016 when she felt something behind her eyelid two weeks into the trip.When she got to shore five days later, she tried to dig out what she assumed to be an eyelash, but discovered inflamed skin and a wriggling worm.Teeth can already repair small problems on the outer layers of teeth.But two recent Kings College London studies show that treating the stem cells within the tooth pulp can trigger them to fix cavities Gemma Bryant (left), from North Cave, East Riding of Yorkshire, revealed her grief after losing her son Kobi Nathaniel.He passed away on January 28 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Mr Hilton, who started playing rugby at the age of six, had been vaccinated against four other strains of meningitis in September.Instead, the vegetarian - who had desperately tried to lose weight for more than a decade - made small sacrifices, such as using low calorie frying sprays.Speaking to Mail Online, the father-of-one revealed he made the promise to himself after seeing a copy of Men's Health in a shop while growing up.Although she pulled through, Ms Orchard, a former social worker, developed an eating disorder that made her find the smell of food repulsive and caused her weight to plummet from 22st to just 5st 7lbs (pictured after the procedure in centre, right and right inset).Ms Orchard, who wears clothes for a 12-to-13 year old, said: 'This has cost me my friendships, my dignity, and taken away my livelihood and identity.' Aileen Coomber (right), of Worthing, West Sussex, who became a nursing cadet in July 1951, registered as a nurse in January 1976 and has seen many changes throughout her career, and has no plans to retire, despite being 81.However, Mandy Duguid (top-left) is determined to aid in funding for research into the disease.

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    I mainly bought this for day hiking trips and our upcoming trips to Disney and Canadian Rockies.

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