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Agent Shaw immediately sees the chemistry between the two and assumes that they're already sleeping together. Shaw later comments on Beckett's emotional isolation, and tells her that Castle genuinely cares about her.Beckett, clearly conflicted, tells her that the situation is complicated ("Boom! This does not prevent either from entering romantic entanglements with others.

Dick Coonan died before revealing who hired him, and Castle, blaming himself, offered to end their partnership. She explains that she's "gotten used to you pulling my pigtails" and that he's made her job more fun.In "A Rose for Everafter", Castle reunites with an old flame.Kyra Blaine is not what Beckett would have expected: she is intelligent, serious, and caring. I didn't think you'd go for real." She is also clearly jealous of Castle's feelings for her. He was heartbroken when Kyra never spoke to him again after a "break" in their relationship, and this puts the more shallow women he's been with in a new light.Castle says that the girl should have gone with the one she obviously truly loved, and Beckett argues that she saw the logic in staying with the one that seemed responsible and more dependable at that time, as opposed to the one with a history as a playboy that makes you feel good for a while, but has a risk of just letting you down eventually.Castle replies that she should have just followed what the heart wanted since things would have turned out well for them as the former playboy turned out to have been planning a proposal before he died.Castle has a fling with a movie star, not realizing that she's really gunning for a part in the movie adaptation of Heat Wave ("The Late Shaft").

Beckett then develops a romance with a handsome young detective, Tom Demming.

She suspected (correctly) that Castle was using his "research" as an excuse to pursue her, and only tolerated his presence at the request of Captain Montgomery.

While she came to respect the value of his unique perspective on crime, she remained frustrated with him on a personal level.

Desperate not to lose Castle, she breaks up with Demming and approaches Castle to declare her own feelings for him.

But it's too late: Castle has already planned to go to the Hamptons with another woman: Gina, his ex-wife, with whom he's rekindled a relationship.

While he claims he will be gone for the summer, Beckett and the other detectives realize that this might be a permanent parting.

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