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Or perhaps we were unfaithful to someone who loved us, we committed adultery or have been promiscuous. God's tender forgiveness and grace is shown in the story of Peter's betrayal of Christ (Matthew -75).After Peter denied Christ, and Jesus was raised from the dead, two angels appeared to Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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Unfortunately, like the woman in the film, some people carry romantic regret far too long, but God wants to give us freedom in our emotions from the pain of the past, no matter the reason.

After almost 90 minutes of bouncing between scenes from the past and the present, the woman finally made peace with her romantic choices.

She accepted that perhaps she hadn't made a mistake after all, and that all things had worked out well, even though she had loved and lost.

Later, when I felt I'd made a mistake, regret consumed me.

During Christmas when I considered this Scripture, I realized that no matter what my plans were, God had to sign off on them. My boyfriend could have chosen to renew a relationship with me, and God could have prevented him from meeting his wife—but He didn't.

A few days after I arrived, Mom told me that she had seen my old boyfriend and his wife at church with their children.

The next day, she invited me to attend a candlelight service at the same church.

I wish all stories of romantic regret ended so happily.

Unfortunately, not everyone comes to grips with their past.

In fact, we can hypothesize so much about what might have been that we can become depressed and filled with regret.

So, what's the answer for fighting thoughts like these that "raise themselves up against the knowledge of God? We have to take them captive (stop them dead in their tracks) then redirect our minds to embrace God's truth—that He loves us, has always been in control of our lives and that He has good plans for our future (Jeremiah ).

Like my mother says, I "made mountains out of molehills," and reacted based on information I didn't even have, and I let my "what ifs" carry me to the edge of insanity.