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Dating differences europe america - parlin dating

These maps represent the most dramatic changes of any I've seen.Dolores is quick to point out that this is the "worst case" scenario. The last map I want to mention was drawn by Ashton Pitre in Marble Falls, Texas (near Austin).

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The booklet has comments about particular areas of the world and what they have been told would happen to those areas.

Some of the information regarding the maps have changed and will be noted.

Several of the maps are available for viewing, denoted by a highlighted link.

Mary Summer Rain (native American author of 12 books) has her Question-and-Answer book, Daybreak that contains several maps.

The two that are pertinent to this article are her "Flood Hazard Regions of the United States (Pole Shift Related)" on page 611 and "Pole Shift Realignment Configuration -- New Axis Position After Pole Shift" on page 509 (also see page 510).

One use of the maps is for people to locate "safe areas" as I mentioned in my previous (April/May 1995 issue) newsletter.

However, you ultimately want to take that question into your meditation and receive your own guidance on what is "right" for you and your family.

The aim of this study was to characterize young dating violent offenders (DVO), and to compare them to the general population and to young offenders with violent crimes directed against other victims.

We have used data from the Development of Aggressive Antisocial Behaviour Study, in all 262 young men, 18 to 25 years, convicted of violent crimes and imprisoned in the Western Region of the Swedish Prison and Probation Services.

And some land masses are expected to rise -- notably the lost continents of Atlantis and/or Lemuria.

I like to point out that all (or at least most) of the maps "could" have been "right" when they were done, but our consciousness changes our future and potentially the shape of our planet in this future scenario.

Sin embargo, no mostraban discrepancias con respecto a otros delincuentes violentos jóvenes.

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