Weight loss and dating

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Weight loss and dating - consolidating to one

Here are some pictures that document my journey over the past 10 years: My weight was steady around 125 pounds.

In 2009, I started up my own business and started being good to my body again. I appreciate my body (most of the time, I’m not perfect though) and what it does for me each day.

Exam stress, living in a dorm, and new social opportunities led to late-night binges, alcohol, and unhealthy cafeteria food. I lost a bit of weight, but I was still struggling and going up and down on the scale. We moved to Toronto because I got accepted into graduate school for psychology.

I lost a lot of weight- but not in a healthy way- due to the stress of grad school and the demands that it brought.

Everyone told me I looked great, but they had no idea how I truly felt.

The summer of 2008 was when I first dabbled with running.

I no longer feel the desire to binge eat like I used to because my body doesn’t feel deprived.

I still struggle with a negative mindset at times, but I’m better at dismissing those thoughts and sticking on this healthy & happier path.I had amenorrhea for a couple years because my body fat was too low to function.It’s a common misconception that you have to be deathly thin to have an eating disorder.I always say the reason I moved to Ontario was to meet my soul-mate.:) I had gained about 20-25 pounds since 1st year university. My eating disorder, something I had been struggling with since 12 years old, surfaced a lot in 1st and second year university. ;) I also graduated university with an undergrad degree in social psychology.One thing I do know for sure is that I’m at a much better place than I used to be.