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Martinez told the officers he was asleep and knew nothing about it.

There is no fence, and Bauer says she was talking to Bennett at the time. “He just seized up in midair and face planted,” Bauer recalled.“It’s tough when you dedicate your life to saving animals and then you have someone do this to an animal they lived with,” said Denise Saner, who works at the Nebraska Humane Society. That dog could have been his mother.”Another concern is what could happen if the person responsible never gets caught.“We talk about the relationship between cruelty to animals that can escalate to other types of crimes,” said Carol Knoepfler, a Creighton law professor who works as a dog walker for the Humane Society. People who lack empathy for animals often times lack empathy for other human beings.”Efren Rodriguez Martinez of Whitewater accused of felony animal cruelty in the shovel beating of a dog in June in Whitewater. Neighbors told responding Animal Control officers they witnessed Martinez hitting the dog over the head with a shovel and then scooping him up and over his back fence into the desert.Martinez was arrested July 7, 2015, at the Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella, after several weeks on the lam.In the declaration, Stephens wrote that officers spoke with Martinez the day the dog was attacked, at his home on Kimdale Drive.“We’re pretty sure that he died in the car,” she said.

The heartbreak of Moab’s death got worse two days later when Bauer got a call. Kate called us and said it was strychnine poisoning,” Bauer said.

Contrary to an early media report, River Rouge police said Didlake did not do it in anger over the dog biting his young child. It happened along Shore Boulevard the day before Thanksgiving. Kenneth Revel lives in Gulfport and considers his dog family. “Hearing that thing with the pier that’s just messed up,” Revel said. “I love my dog, I always had dogs,” said the owner, Joe Bradford. He says he’s not the man being portrayed on social media.

Gulfport police haven’t charged him, adding more fuel to the fire. Bradford claims he was trying to get Rock in the water to clean fleas off of him.

This is a terrible case that this dog had to endure.”It happened in November 2015 at Mayer’s home near North 144th and Fort streets.

Sheriff’s department deputies and Humane Society investigators contacted Mayer at his home where they found the 8-year-old German Shepherd mix named Shoes in a white plastic bag on the deck.

“What about the other dogs in the area, the moose, the deer, all the other wildlife in the area? Per the label, the bait is supposed to buried underground rather than sprinkled above. David Westly Didlake, 27, was charged Friday with animals – killing/torturing; assaulting/resisting/obstructing a police officer; and abandoning/cruelty resulting in death of one animal. As a result of the investigation, Didlake was arrested after it is alleged he resisted police.

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