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For years scientists have wondered whether pandas are a type of bear, raccoon, or something all their own.

Giant pandas have also fascinated people living outside of China; French Missionary Pere Armand David first described them for science in 1869.Other vocalizations include honks, huffs, barks, and growls. Pandas scent mark trees, rocks, bamboo, and bushes. Human noses can smell the stinky, waxy scent mark from about a foot away, but pandas are more sensitive to smell, so to them it's even stronger!We’ve discovered that a scent-marked tree or rock can serve as a community bulletin board, notifying pandas in the area what other pandas have been there and how long ago they left their scent mark.Another panda can detect the sex, age, reproductive condition, social status, and even individual identity of the scent maker—as well as how long that scent has been there.Male pandas often perform “handstands” to leave scent marks.Strong jawbones and cheek muscles help pandas crush and chew the thick stalks with their flattened back teeth.

Bamboo leaves are also on the menu, as pandas strip them off the stalks, wad them up, and eat them.Each panda has markings that are slightly different from any another panda.There is also a rare brown and white variation of the giant panda.Pandas are always associated with bamboo, but they need more than just bamboo to make a home.San Diego Zoo scientists have found that suitable panda habitat requires old-growth conifer forests with at least two species of bamboo and water access.Giant pandas are similar to other bears in their general looks, the way they walk and climb, their skull characteristics, and, importantly, their social system and reproductive biology.

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