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I text her out of the blue late one night, first time in about 2 weeks.

Feminist ideology aside, do you enjoy being dominated in bed? What’s the sexual thing you most thought about but haven’t had the courage to try? Answer THOSE badboys Her: Reall number, and its something i am not proud of at all… 3 were long term relationships and the rest were friends of mine who it seemed like a good idea to sleep with… With and also how many times a day on average you play with your… Bang on average, the girls tell me (they say above average but I think they’re just being nice). Me: If you want the fourth, you gotta take a question or two. When did u get married, when did u get divorced and why? did you / would you enjoy having a man fuck your face while he sticks a dildo up you and grabs a handful of that nice long hair? I have been told i look beautiful like that though LOLLLLLL Me: 25 points. I dont dislike it, i just like my face to be clean so i immediately want to wash it off. Usually i think about being raped or i guess fucked in a harsh way, being called names… Her: Im not a massive fan of someone coming on my face.

Me: Btw, shooting on a girl’s face is a major kink of mine. I have recently become enormously interested in fucking girls in the ass while telling them they are dirty bitches. If I was to keep a spreadsheet (which I don’t) I’d estimate a weekly average of 4. Would like to do it again, but with the girl giving me some backchat so I have to slap her around a bit. Her: Makes me worry for myself to be honest lol the things i enjoy in the bedroom… Remember I’ve been coupled up for most of my adult life. I feel like I should be upping the count as a matter of urgency Me: Masturbation. Depends on how I’m doing with girls, hobbies, and how rapey I’m feeling. Im not jealous of hookers i just don’t like the thought of him with anyone but me! The window will snap shut after and I’ll be the cocky arsehole again. Very unpleasant for 3 months and not a whole load of laughs another year longer. (I mean, the buttcheeks, not the anal sex fit) I only got a glimpse, after all…..