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Agnes Geijer: Die Textilfunde aus den Gräbern, p 144-145 As shown in the photograph some textile fragments have been preserved on one of the hooks.

Based on them, Hägg suggests that the knee-length garment would have been made of linen, or of wool with a linen lining.Unfortunately my German is poor (it is my third language), so I am very grateful to Lena Palt for her assistance with my translations. Most of the finds at Haithabu come from the harbour and consist of used clothing which was coated with tar and used as ship's caulking.In addition to the harbour finds, Inga Hägg also analysed the textile remains from the settlement and graveyard of Haithabu.According to Geijer, it was probably a wool leg winding or some kind of stocking or hose.The bronze hooks were then hooked into some kind of linen garment that would have reached just below the knees." data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=652" class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-6999" title="Cross section of an artery" alt="Artery" src="

w=200&h=171" srcset=" w=200&h=171 200w, w=400&h=342 400w, w=300&h=257 300w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px" / For many years now Mary Higby Schweitzer has been investigating soft tissue and other biomolecular remains from inside dinosaur bones that are 70 million or so years old.In this article, I will be using the term "hose" or "hosa" for the first category and the term brók (plural brækr) for the second.The excavation of Birka was mainly conducted in the 1870s by Hjalmar Stolpe.For equally many years young Earth creationists like Brian Thomas have been pointing to these soft tissues and insisting that they could not last nearly so long, and so therefore the Earth is young.This article represents my attempt to collect archaeological facts, and interpretations of the leg wear worn by the Vikings.I have chosen to focus on the larger garments used to clothe the legs (and the occasional sock), and will leave the discussion of leg windings to another time.