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Pronounced “bone-sigh,” the word Bonsai is comprised of two Japanese characters: “Bon,” meaning tray, and “sai,” meaning plant. While “tray plant” may be an accurate description of what many people think of when they picture Bonsai trees, it is but a compressed representation of the different styles of Bonsai trees.

Throughout their storied history, Bonsai trees have come to signify harmony, peace, order, balance, and a connection to nature.

Although many great things have come from the technological advances, there is still much that we can learn by way of tradition.

After all, if we cannot learn from the past, we may be doomed to repeat it.

In the art of Bonsai, growth is a never-ending process that has no shortcuts.

This is just one of the many teachings that the process of cultivating a Bonsai tree that you can apply to your life.

In today’s hectic world, it can often feel that we are being pulled in every direction.

Minutes, hours, and days pass by in the blink of an eye.It was believed that miniature objects were concentrated sources of mystical and magical powers.Called Pensai in Chinese, Bonsai grew as an art in China and eventually spread to Japan and Korea. After World War II, most bonsai trees seen in the United States or Europe have Japanese origins.It may seem bizarre that a little tree could really help you obtain peace in your life, but Bonsai is a tried-and-true teacher of many important life lessons.Even if you are resistant to learning these life lessons, Bonsai trees are still great to look at! D., although some experts suggest that it may even be much older than that.Long ago, Buddhist monks in China sought a way to bring the tranquility of nature and the outdoors into their temples.

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