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The underlying basis of the Reporting Requirements is to keep shareholders and the markets informed on a regular basis in a transparent manner.(a) If any material change occurs in the facts set forth in the Schedule 13D required by Rule13d–1(a), including, but not limited to, any material increase or decrease in the percentage of the class beneficially owned, the person or persons who were required to file the statement shall promptly file or cause to be filed with the Commission an amendment disclosing that change.

An acquisition or disposition of beneficial ownership of securities in an amount equal to one percent or more of the class of securities shall be deemed “material” for purposes of this section; acquisitions or dispositions of less than those amounts may be material, depending upon the facts and circumstances.

A company becomes subject to the Reporting Requirements by filing an Exchange Act Section 12 registration statement on either Form 10 or Form 8-A.

Sections 13(d) and 13(g) (15 USCS § 78m) of the Exchange Act require beneficial owners of more than 5 percent of a class of equity securities of a Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting issuer to disclose information relating to their beneficial ownership by filing a Schedule 13D or Schedule 13G with the SEC.

Do I have to file a Schedule 13G if I filed a Form 3?

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