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If Donald Trump is the champion of American Christianity, God save it from its enemies! I have to hand it to you, Frank, you sure do have the connections.

I am struggling, too, with your claim that Donald Trump is a champion (albeit an unlikely one) for religious freedom. The freedom to call your opponents “idiots,” “losers,” “liars” and “frauds”?

When you started talking about attacks on Christianity, I thought you might have been referring to the racially motivated slaying of pastors and lay people at Mother Emmanuel church in Charleston some time back.

Or I figured you were referring to the slaughter of Coptic Christians in Egypt this past Palm Sunday. But having to pay a judgment for refusing to bake a cake for a same sex couple in violation of the law against discrimination? There’s a letter in the Bible, written by the Apostle Peter (ever heard of him? He’s an expert on persecution, having been on the receiving end of it more than once.

I will respond to your call for action by working for a society in which no one needs to worry about where she will sleep at night or where the next meal is coming from. But we have the scriptures, we have prayer, and we are learning every day what it means to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. You can keep your champion in the White House, thanks just the same.

Kenneth Randall Flowers passed away Friday, February 9, 2018 in Round Rock, Texas . James Warren Deats, age 91, known as “Chic” to his friends, died peacefully on February 10, 2018, with family at his side, after a long struggle with dementia.

Nor is God particularly concerned about how men treat women in the workplace, how people of color are treated in the real estate market, how the hungry and homeless are cared for (or not), but God flips out if we bake a cake for a same sex couple to celebrate their wedding? His sole concern is for how we treated the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the imprisoned, those deemed “least” among us.

No, I didn’t get that from any private chat with God.He said that if your enemy is hungry you feed him (that’s in the Bible too).So wouldn’t it have been the Christian way to have baked a cake for the same sex couple in your example, even if you deem them enemies (another assertion I don’t quite understand)? But in any event, Frank, let’s get over this persecution complex. You are not under attack just because you have to follow the rules like everyone else. Furthermore, I don’t understand why baking a cake for people whose conduct you find personally offensive is such a big deal. The freedom to discriminate against people of color in the sale and rental of real estate?I would like to believe that, beneath our differences, we worship the same God and follow the same Savior. Well, thanks again, Frank, for thinking about us small church folk.But quite honestly, I don’t recognize the Jesus I learned from my parents, my Sunday School teachers, my pastors or my years of study and reflection on the Bible in your angry, fearful rhetoric. But I will be praying for the real victims of persecution-the victims of racial discrimination, sexual violence and bullying. But I will be acting to establish health care as a right for all people; making the college campus and the workplace spaces where women and girls need not fear being called “pigs,” “dogs” or “ugly” nor will they need to fear rich, white celebrity males who feel entitled to grab them by the genitals. I appreciate your concern about our being persecuted and under attack. We don’t have your money, your access to the halls of power or your seeming direct connection to the Almighty.After all, we don’t do anything really “newsworthy.” We just preach the good news of Jesus Christ; love one another the best we can (which sometimes isn’t very well); feed the hungry that come to our doors; care for the sick; comfort the dying; and bury the dead. Rest assured, we are ready to respond to your calls to prayer and action.